Dragon Quest X: Everything I WANTED To Know


I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Quest X with my boyfriend & some pals lately [Update: you can too, foreign IPs aren’t enforced] and much to my surprise, I’m absolutely loving it. Why is this a surprise? Because there’s almost no information available in English about this genuinely interesting, lovable game. Just the usual press releases, some names of races, maybe if you search hard through forum posts and blogs you’ll find screenshots of people playing and some discussion. But actual articles of what it’s like to play the game aren’t easily found without some searching.

So I wanted to talk about everything I wished I had known about it that might have got me playing sooner. The first part is a quick, mostly redundant overview of the setting, then I want to talk about the game mechanics! Skip the first small section if you’re interested in the meat of this. Keep in mind this isn’t a review (although I love this game), just a good overview of everything you can expect.

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Dragon Quest X
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